Celebrate Success

If You Don’t Celebrate Success, It Won’t Celebrate You. 

Julian Hall

The Millennial Generation takes a hit for the “everyone earns a trophy” mentality. No matter if you showed up for one practice or your youth team won the league championship, everyone was rewarded with a trophy and made to feel special.

We go from one extreme to another as we enter adulthood. Our dark attics and musty basements are full of dusty boxes of forgotten participation ribbons, medals and trophies but the main floors of our homes are all too often empty with celebration and recognition.

When’s the last time you celebrated your current accomplishments and those of someone you love? Our fast pace, accomplish more, more, more culture leaves us lacking in ability to recognize success. In fact, our culture almost shames us in doing so as there is an unspoken fear that if we celebrate our accomplishments, we are at risk of falling into complacency.

Perhaps our culture has got it all wrong. Perhaps there was a genius method behind the “Millennial trophy” madness. Instead of complacency, recognition, even if in a very small manner, may propel someone into achieving more success. How good does it make you feel when someone simply tells you “good job” or “I’m proud of you”? Isn’t a boost of encouragement and recognition sometimes just what you need to keep on keeping on?

Conceivably this way of thinking may be secondary to being a Millennial myself but I say bring on the figurative trophies because life is simply too damn short not to celebrate success.

So although coaches and trophies are a thing of our past, let’s work on making recognition and celebration a thing of our present. Perhaps we can make ourselves and one another feel as special as a youth t-ball player hearing cheers and applauds as they receive their first-ever medal.

Food For Thought

  • What’s your take regarding the “Millennial trophy” culture?
  • Do you feel as if there is a lack of recognition of success in adulthood?
  • What are some ways in which you can start celebrating your successes and those of others?



One thought on “Celebrate Success”

  1. WOW!!! Another beautifully written blog post with such wisdom. So proud of you. The lack of recognition in the normal marketplace is true. That is one of the reasons I love my industry because we Celebrate each other and recognize and praise each small accomplishments along the way. We Do need to do more of this in our everyday lives because like you said, life is too short and it is much nicer when we celebrate our victories and praise others for their accomplishments. I praise You my remarkable daughter, best friend. And thank God every day for you and Jeffrey.

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