Embrace the Grey


It’s mid-March, the temperature outside barely surpasses 40 degrees. The skies are grey and filled with thick heavy greyish-blue clouds ready to spill the rain they carry. Winter is in the rearview but not yet have we officially graduated to Spring. Recent Daylight Savings calls for car headlights to guide dark morning drives to the 9-to-5.

Some would call the latter description as dull, melancholy and maybe even depressing. I say, Embrace the Grey.  

I was once so proud to define myself as someone, who instead, embraced the “black and white” mentality. It was either good or bad and there was simply not much credit to be given to the in-between. Ignoring the value of the grey was primarily justified by morally motivated, strong-minded convictions. Unfortunately, I was missing out. There is so much to appreciate in the grey.

So what’s “the grey“? It’s our differences. It’s the areas between the extreme highs and the extreme lows. It’s the middle ground in passionate discussions. It’s the feeling of, I’m “okay”…not bad and not great.

Truth of the matter is, there’s actually so much beauty in the grey. Without the grey we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the bright and the really dark. Grey provides balance. It provides insight and perspective.

When we reflect on life we typically gravitate towards either very happy or very difficult moments and experiences. However, the majority of the life we live, the hours that fill our days, most of that time would be categorized as the grey, neither extremely positive or negative. These grey times, experiences, and feelings are like the grey matter of our central nervous system; it is an essential, necessary component of our existence.

Embrace the comfort and peace of rainfall, the “uneventful” day, the “just-fine” moods. Acknowledge the highs and lows of life as the highlights and the grey as the main act. Learn to love and find value in all that is around you. Embrace the Grey.





One thought on “Embrace the Grey”

  1. WOW… that is awesome Nicole.. YES you used to be Black & White and it is so good to see you Embrace the Grey…I am so proud of you. You need to help me write my book….People can learn so much from you about Attiutude..Life…and so much more. SHARE THIS ON FB etc. if you found value… PAY IT FORWARD>>…the people will be grateful!

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