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Is is possible to be happier, fulfilled and more successful if we take our eyes off the prize? Can we be unfocused on our future goals and still get positive results? I would have answered “heck no!” in the past but now I say it’s the way to go!

This is my first blog after over a year of not writing.  About a year and a half ago I went through a break-up that ultimately brought so much positive change to my life. Feeling like all my plans had been demolished, I decided to take my eyes off the prize and just live. No more planning, no more goals (as awful as that sounds), no more strict regimens and routines. I simply went with the flow, took my foot off the gas and decided to let life take me where it may… because it will anyway, right?

I once lived a very regimented lifestyle, all my own doing. I woke up, worked out, made the same thing for lunch everyday and tried to make others happy. I thought I was happy until I decided I wasn’t.

My free-spirit, do what makes me happy (in a non-selfish way) and go-with- the- flow attitude led to more change in a year and a half then arguably all change throughout my life combined.  By “letting go” I became comfortable with being open-minded. The intentional release of my routines and comfort zone opened up a whole new world. Ironically, the mentality of less thinking, less analyzing, less planning allowed for more positivity, more results and in turn more happiness and pride.

In just a short time I sold my condo in Massachusetts, moved to New Hampshire, rescued a kitten, learned how to snowboard, left a job I was in for seven years and most importantly I now surround myself with only those who love and support me as I do them.

I am truly happier, more confident and hopeful in my future then I have ever been and yet I still have my eyes “off” the prize. I choose to focus on living a happy, positive, fun life and share experiences with those whom I trust and love. Gone are the routines, check-boxes, strict goals. Instead, I now know that if I surround myself with the right people and focus on my happiness, positive change and growth will happen.

So I challenge you to take your eyes off the prize. Be true to yourself, lean into your support circle and the rest will fall into place. You might just be like me and be amazed at how much happiness and positive change can come from taking your eyes off the prize!


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