Life Through the Lens of Nurse

The small stuff doesn’t deserve sweat. There’s always a solution to an apparent unsolvable problem. Unpredictability is predictable.

Nursing is a unique profession. You can cry and laugh in the matter of minutes. Feel terrified, angry, and heroic multiple times within a shift. Hold a hand of a patient as they take their last breath then quickly compose yourself to discharge a healthy patient across the hall.

The white walls, cool bacteria-suppressing air and fluorescent lights make a hospital feel as if it’s another world. A planet like no other where events take place that only those inside the walls will truly understand. Many hearts mold into shields, formed to protect from debilitating exposure

With that truth unveiled, there is a very important silver lining that blesses those within the nursing profession…an unprecedented prospective.

Perspective is a gift. It enables us to view specific circumstances and life itself with a unique lens.

Bad days really are not that bad. Time spent with friends and loved ones is truly valued and made a priority.  Almost every obstacle can be conquered. There is no time for drama. Thick skin and adaptability is a must. Composure is essential. A positive attitude is imperative. We are not invincible. LIFE IS FRAGILE.

Nurses have an innate ability to create shields with a nearly-perfect percentage of thickness. We carry what permeates through our shields out of the brick and mortar of the hospital and into our everyday lives. We live life with a different understanding and appreciation. Life is never taken for granted or diminished as we’ve come to learn just how precious and fragile it is.

To all the nurses reading this, I hope you can relate to feeling blessed with a unique perspective. You’ve earned it. To all the non-nurses, let us spare you the experiences from which our perspective derives. Take my “glasses” and look through my “lens”. Now protect the beauty you see, admire it and don’t take it for granted. Don’t sweat the small stuff but do obsess over all that is good.










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