Hello World…It’s Me

Hi Y’all! No, I’m not from the South but it just sounds better then “You guys”.

My name is Nicole or “Cole” (my family-given endearing name).  I am an old soul, family-oriented, career-driven, Christian…a former college basketball player and forever athletic-minded late twenty-something with a lot of life experiences and unique perspectives to share in the hope of guiding and encouraging others.

First off…did my introduction sound like a paragraph you’d find on an “About Me” section for a dating web-site? If yes, well then I’d have to admit there’s a reason for that. (Stay tuned)

Now that you know a little of who I am and you’re aware that I didn’t copy and paste an intro from a dating site, let me tell you what I’m doing and why.

My calling is nursing but my passion is life… and living it to its fullest. Interestingly and conveniently my calling and my passion work hand in hand. The more I see and experience as a cardiac RN, the more passion and appreciation I have for life.

I am unwrapping my stethoscope from around my neck, kicking off my undoubtedly germ infested work sneakers and harnessing my assessment skills to embrace my passion for writing in an effort to shed light on what I believe is the most important topic of all: Life and how we choose to live it. Balanced or Unbalanced

Living a healthy, happy and balanced life is my passion and I am so excited to share experiences and advice to help you to be: “Balanced’N’Happy”

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