Power of Letting Go

Let it Go
Let it Go

I’ll kindly spare you the audio clip from Idina Menzel’s “Let it go” but that infamous line is exactly what has been playing on repeat in my mind these days.

All my life I have had a plan. I set a clear path to follow and as long as I did what I knew needed to be done to stay on that path, I was confident I would always get what I had been working towards and on my timeline. I absolutely love having control. The work and preparation are all worth it if I know I can ultimately control the outcome.

Turns out, however, we plan and God laughs. I recently learned and I am now embracing one of the best lessons life has taught me thus far…

It’s okay not to know. It’s okay not to plan. It’s okay to let go.

I have never felt more out of control but in control at the same time. For once I can admit that my “preparation and planning” did not produce the results I thought it would at this time. For once I can admit that I truly have no clue how the story to one segment of my life will play out…an idea that would have produced so much anxiety at one time, simply puts a “we will wait and see” smile on my face.

My white-knuckle grasp on what I thought my life needed to look like at this time is now relaxed. My mind is at ease and I am centered with the belief that what is meant to be will happen.

I choose to use my circumstances as a time to focus on myself; to do what makes me happy and fulfilled. I choose to have a relaxed outlook on my future because sometimes even when we think we know, when we think we have control, when we think we have it all figured out…we don’t. And that’s okay.

Along with Menzel’s “Let it go”, I have another famous lyric by Carrie Underwood playing on repeat in my heart and mind… “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” He’s ultimately the only one who truly knows what path I’m on and what path I’ll be on next and I have the utmost of confidence that He will steer me in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “Power of Letting Go”

  1. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry – or something like that, right? Your post is great. I recently changed all of my plans leaving my life completely unpredictable (you can read about it here: http://edenfried.com/im-bailing-law-school/) but it will all turn out okay in the end. Keep writing! I love your style.

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